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Amputee Care

About this Service

Caring for Patients with Amputation

For Veterans living with limb loss, service related or not, the Veteran's Health Administration provides lifelong care to support mobility needs and good self-management.

Amputee Care Team

The Amputee Care Team is a group of staff and community vendors who work together to discern how to best care for patients with amputation.

The care team meets monthly and includes medical, rehab and administrative VA staff, as well as multiple prosthetists (one VA employed, others contracted vendors).

"Prosthetists" are certified individuals who build prosthetic limbs. With guidance and input from patients and family, we discuss options for care in an effort to help restore mobility and quality of life.

Patient Participation

Living with amputation, like many other health issues, requires patients and family to be actively involved in care and management.

The role of the amputee clinic and the amputee care coordinator is to assist in guiding, both patients and families, in best care practices for managing limb loss and resume an independent lifestyle as appropriate.


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